Bug Reports

To report a bug please open an issue on GitHub.

When opening an issue, please make sure you include as much information as possible about the issue. Please consider providing at least the following points:

  • What version of Tarantella you are using

  • What linux distribution you are using (e.g., Linux Ubuntu 20.04)

  • What kind of system you are experiencing the issue on (type and number of nodes, network interconnect, etc.)

  • What did you expect to see and what have you seen instead

  • What exact steps are needed to reproduce the issue

Feature Requests

For contributions other than modifications to the source code, as for example suggestions of a feature or enhancement, please open an issue on GitHub with the label Feature.

When providing a feature request, please consider providing at least the following information:

  • What is the current behavior of the software and how does the feature improve it

  • Who would benefit from the feature

  • Is there a relevant reference or academic paper describing the feature

  • Are you willing to contribute to and/or maintain the feature